“Paychecks not walls:” Workers rally outside Federal Plaza

Around sixty federal workers and supporters rallied outside 290 Broadway on Wednesday, demanding an end to the shutdown and a return to work.

As the shutdown enters its fifth week with no signs of a political resolution, the Trump administration called 50,000 federal workers back to work without pay, even as senior administration officials openly admit “We do not want most employees to return.”

Politico reported the Trump administration has targeted calling back workers who execute its preferred policies, writing, “The activity has legal experts, administration officials and veterans of past shutdowns questioning what actually constitutes a government shutdown if the administration can simply resurrect its preferred services and à la carte policy to-do list nearly a month after funding technically expired for several agencies.

In New York, workers chanted “Paychecks not walls!” and “End the shutdown now!” and spoke about the serious financial and emotional difficulties the administration’s shutdown has imposed on them.

Following the rally, leaders and workers from federal workers unions gathered to plan an organizing meeting and solidarity event for furloughed workers, which will take place at January 25 from 4:30-7:30pm at 87 Lafayette Street in Manhattan. More details on the event are forthcoming very soon! Sign up here for more details.